Torches and Rings

Five of my animation loops were chosen to appear on high-tech bus shelters in London as part of Bus-Tops, a public art project coinciding with the London 2012 Olympics. Here's a compilation on YouTube.

Lifeboat America

Lifeboat America, in which five castaways experience a scaled-down version of America's distribution of wealth, thanks to a generous mermaid.

Here's Lifeboat America on YouTube.

The rest of these were made on the Amiga using Deluxe Paint in the late 1980s to early 1990s. They were included in the Binary Visions show in San Francisco in 1993, for which an early version of Steve Headroom acted as master of ceremonies.

The Word

The Word brought to the screen Kevin Barrett's bedtime story for young intellectuals.

Here's The Word on YouTube.

Head Trip

Head Trip was from 1989. I had been given, on floppy disk, a digitized grayscale video freeze-frame of myself in profile (this was five years before true digital cameras were on the market). I decided I should use Deluxe Paint's ability to move 2D images in 3D space to put it through its paces.

Here's Head Trip on YouTube.

Freak Alley

Freak Alley was a short, silent animation loop. I remember getting these images into the Amiga using a scanner made from a length of fiber optic cable attached to the printhead of a dot-matrix printer.

Here's Freak Alley on YouTube.

Who Owns America's Wealth?

Who Owns America's Wealth? covered similar ground to Lifeboat America, but with data from the 1990 Census. It almost seems quaint compared to how much more concentrated wealth is today.

Here's Who Owns America's Wealth? on YouTube.