Uncle Weevy is a talking head from 2001. With a vocabulary of 360 oddly-inflected words, he will ramble on indefinitely until you click the mouse.

He was part of the 2011 Platine Festival in Cologne, Germany, shown here with collaborators Hecke and Bob Humid.

He has also provided vocals for recording artist Ian Hemp's Untitled (save the culture). In 2010, I was surprised to learn that Uncle Weevy has his own Facebook page.

To install Uncle Weevy on your Windows computer, run UncleWeevyInstall.exe (10.7 MB, version 0.99, includes an uninstaller). If it complains that you don't have the right version of DirectX, try this.

Here's 42 seconds of Uncle Weevy on YouTube.

The opinions expressed by Uncle Weevy are his own, and do not represent the views of the author, his plastic reptiles, or cartoon characters in general.