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Superinsulated Geodesic Dome

Now priced at $169,000, this 2,110 square foot (per Assessor) geodesic dome in Fairfield, Iowa is extremely well insulated with spray foam, for a draft-free R-60 roof and R-40 walls. Its copper-colored Reinke aluminum shakes have UL's highest hail impact rating. The open-plan living room and kitchen have natural Marmoleum floors, with walls of unpainted Englemann spruce rising to a semicircular loft-level art gallery.

Other green and healthy features include solar radiant floor heat with electric back-up, a passive radon mitigation system, and an energy recovery ventilator. The house has a 100 Mbps fiber-to-the-home internet connection, with ethernet to three rooms. An audio system with individual volume controls serves the living room, bath, and two bedrooms. There's a 14,000 BTU air conditioner for summer cooling. A 166 SF hexagonal shed adds storage space and is wired for a 240V electric kiln or arc welder (NEMA 6-50 receptacle, 6-2 wire, 50 amp breaker).

Fairfield is a progressive and culturally vibrant small town. There's a monthly Art Walk, a solar-powered community radio station, a three-day music festival plus frequent live music throughout the year, and performances of all kinds at the 450-seat Stephen Sondheim Theater. You'd be within six blocks of an organic grocery, and a Farmer's Market that happens twice a week from May to October. Fairfield is ringed by a 16 mile loop trail for hiking and biking, accessible from the dome without riding in the street.

Solar Collector, Dome, Driveway

Hand-glazed tiles behind the kitchen sink and in the shower:

Kitchen Tiles

Shower Tiles

Double-wall construction minimizes thermal bridging:

Fisheye View of Dome Interior

The dome at dusk:

Dome at Dusk

"Call it the groove factor, call it the hipness quotient... there is a timeless, future-primitive chic to the geodesic that few houses offer. The dome concept appears to be erected on the improbable intersection of hippie culture and the space age."

-- Matt Jones, Independent Online

Contact Steve Tiffany for more information.